Friday, February 22, 2013

The Last Bookstore - In Downtown Los Angeles - A place of inspiration

For my last art show, I got stuck. I started several different pieces and wasn't happy with how any of them evolved. So late one night I went a few blocks to my favorite bookstore "The Last Bookstore". It is on 453 S. Spring Street. (More info here: . I try to also always pop in when I take my power walks around my neighborhood. The bottom floor has an extensive collection of interesting new books. Upstairs all the books are only $1. There are also cool art pieces all around the store, many installations made with books or pages of books flying or the tunnel or books or rainbow of colored spines. This also used to be a bank I think so the vault upstairs is now turned into their sic-fi section, appropriately dark, gloomy with a narrator's voice reading a book and a cool art installation. Here are some photos I have taken here:

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