Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Chandelier Obsession Continues…

 I went to an etsy craft meet-up and we made tiny paper lanterns as gift toppers which was super fun. They also discussed that it was from one of Mark Montano's craft books. The one that intrigued me was taking lucite plate holders and turning them into a chandelier. His chandelier used clear lucite plate stands and looks cool and modern but was a bit more tricky, requiring careful use of a Dremel saw (which I don't have.) I tried my own more gothic version that was easier to make and wanted to post it here.

First I went to Daiso (the super cool Japanese dollar store that is in LA and SF and maybe elsewhere) and got 6 lucite plate holders in black (as I love black better!).  After I opened the packs, I realized my stands didn't have legs as long as the ones in Mark's photo so even with a Dremel, it wouldn't worked and still have enough room for the bulb. I decided instead to have the bulb at the very bottom of the chandelier. Because of this, I had to get a cord and socket set without the on/off switch because the ones with a switch didn't have a long enough space for the plate stands to adhere. (I found one on ebay since my home depot only had the ones with switches that were too close to the socket).

I went ahead and took the cord and placed it in the middle of 3 of the plate stands and used E-600 glue to hold it together. (This stuff works great but smells so use it outside! )

I waited a an hour for it to dry, then I glued the bottom three on, one at a time, using the "feet" from the top one to line it up, keeping the cord in the middle. 

It was ready in only a few minutes! Much shorter time than the other chandelier on my blog here!

Here are the supplies:

The original design I modified is shown above with the blue background and you can find it here: