Saturday, October 22, 2011

My recycled packaging for my etsy shop!

When I package items in my etsy shop RedOstrich.Etsy.Com, I  also use all recycled packaging so I can help minimize my mark on the environment. I ship items with ample padding and care to be sure that they do not arrived ruffled but I use recycled boxes, labels and packaging supplies. I get most of my my aunt's optometry office. The boxes for glasses and contacts are the perfect size!

This is my packing station where I have my labels and reusable boxes. 
Sometimes they topple but it just adds to the fun~

This is my desk where I have pictures to inspire my creations. The original painting in the purple frame is an artist in Siena, Italy - named Daniela Pedretti. She was selling her wonderful original works and I bought one when while visiting there with my Dad.

For my tags, I print on sample papers that I had for past graphic design 
projects, so I am not cutting down extra trees. 

The ribbons I use to fasten my tags are all scraps and also pieces that I found in my Mom's crafts that she never got to use.

The label stickers I use to cover old logos on boxes are from my husband's job at the pharmacy - they are the ones that may ruffle an edge or the ones at the end of the roll that don't fit into the pharmacy labeling machines.

After packaging, I put the packages in one of my reusable enviro bags and I walk (to save gas and pollution) to the Downtown Los Angeles post office. Here are some of the things I see on my 20 minute walk from the Arts District to the post office. 

the back of MOCA museum and the subway...

my shadow...

downtown's version of st. mark's square in venice, italy.

broken glass that sparkles like diamonds in the early morning sun... I have taken pieces home to use for a later art piece.

birds in a row....

Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.

My post office - a cool art deco building....

Then I walk back to my studio and go drink more coffee! Thank you for visiting my blog! :o)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recent Press

I feel honored to have one of my purses featured in Auxiliary magazine (black purse in the first spread below). Auxilary is an amazing goth magazine with fabulous hair/make-up/fashion/photography. 


Check out the whole issue here: