Tuesday, August 28, 2012


When I was in high school, my friend Queena took me to Melrose for the first time and introduced me to this amazing store - Betsey Johnson! As soon as I saw the hot pink shop and beautiful dresses, I was in LOVE! Back then (in 1990), they had a bargain box in the back where things were only $10-$40 dollars and since I was a sophomore in high school, that was the only spot I could afford to shop in for now. My first dress I bought was a hot pink crushed velvet dress. Here is a photo with me and two of my high school friends off for a night of dancing at the Palace for Richard Blade's KROQ night ( I am the blond on the right). 

Since then, I have been obsessed with Betsey Johnson! She makes the most uniquely creative, beautiful, design-inspired dresses that are perfect! Part goth, part girly, while understanding of a girl whose waist goes in but hips go out! :o) Her dresses fit me perfectly and I love that I can always buy the same size and expect the same great fit. She also uses my favorite colors a lot - black, red and hot pink (inspired my wedding colors)! Most things in my closet are now Betsey Johnson. I love her shoes (she now has comfortable boots and heels with quality leather and materials), I LOVE her jewelry, clothing, socks, tights, pajamas, and especially her dresses!! I get so many compliments on my clothes and now when friends say they like something, they don't  ask where I got it - they just say "Cute - It's Betsey?"  

 August 18, 2012....So I got to the Nordstrom at the Grove Mall in Los Angeles about 3.5 hours early. I didn't want to risk not getting to meet her. I met other fans, and since I had purchased the limited edition shoes the day before, I got into the VIP line. I was third in line. When she came out, I actually cried~! I was so happy and excited. I got to take a picture with her and she was sooooo nice. She actually talked to me for about a minute or two, even though soooo many people were waiting and there were a million people there. She thanked me three times for how dressed up I was (I was head to toe in Betsey Johnson from my cat ring to my socks and heels!). I told her I was so thankful to her and I love everything she does and I also thanked her for inspiring me to be myself. She was so gracious and kind and super cute! She looks great! She is so tiny - like 5 feet tall and I am tall so I had to crunch down for our photo! She was really sweet and I am so glad I got to go to this event. It is now crossed off my bucket list!

Micah Jesse revved up the crowd in his super cute hot pink blazer!

 Met Alicia Fox from the WWE, another fan!

One of Betsey's gorgeous models posed with me!

When I had heard her stores were all going out of business, I was so sad. I immediately went to one and bought out the store, well a portion of it. They ran out of bags so I had to just carry armloads of clothes. I never spent that much at once in a shop and felt a little guilty but I knew this was my last chance to stock up on clothes for the rest of my life! Here is a photo of that!

Over the next few weeks I went to several of the stores and bought some pieces I missed. I wanted a piece of furniture too but they were all sold out in every store. Luckily my husband diligently looked on craigslist until he happened upon the Betsey Johnson stylist selling not only the couch but also 5 chairs!!! He got it for me!! I was so surprised and excited!