Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Swan Costume for Halloween by Red Ostrich on Etsy

Halloween Costume. Black Swan - DIY

I thought I would share my Halloween costume this year and also how I made it in case anyone needs tips for next year! I wanted to continue my feather obsession and decided to be Black Swan, the goth ballerina from the Natalie Portman film. I was also inspired by the MOCA show of the real costumes earlier this year ( ). I used items that I already had except for one $15 short tutu that I used to make my petticoat stick further out. I started with the following items:

1. a corset I had in the back of my closet (I turned mine inside out so it would be more black). 
2. two feather pads or lots of black feathers 
3. feather boas - one or two black ones - they can be old or falling apart - mine were and it adds to the distressed character.
4. black petticoat or black tutu or both.  
5. safety pins
6. needle and thread
7. tiara
8. some type of black necklace or brooches or jewels 
9. jewels for the corset
10. tights and ballet shoes or black heels and satin ribbons to use instead
11. black and white eye makeup (both eyeliners and shadow work best)
12. birdcage french veil netting or tulle and two bobby pins

I used the needle and thread to sew jewels on one side and the feather pads on the other side of the corset chest area. Then I took the feather boas and safety pinned them onto one side of the petticoat. I pinned them from the underside so the pins didn't show. I then made up my eyes like the character, after getting ideas by watching several youtube tutorials. I found that patting black and white eyeshadows over white and black penciled lines, helped the makeup stay all night. I used the MAC angled eyeshadow brush to achieve sharp lines. 

Then I used two overlapping bobby pins to adhere the french veil birdcage netting over my face, right above the center of my forehead. Then I placed on my goth tiara. I used an old tiara I had that was silver with a few fake diamonds but then I took an everyday necklace that was black and used wire to wind it around the tiara so it would have height and the black goth-y look. If you don't already have one, you can probably find something cheap at either H & M or Forever 21. You can also pin brooches on your tiara or use them instead of sewing on jewels on the front of the corset.

I got some great reactions at the parties I attended, all for a costume that cost me under $15. I ended up wearing it three different nights that week! :o)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My recycled packaging for my etsy shop!

When I package items in my etsy shop RedOstrich.Etsy.Com, I  also use all recycled packaging so I can help minimize my mark on the environment. I ship items with ample padding and care to be sure that they do not arrived ruffled but I use recycled boxes, labels and packaging supplies. I get most of my my aunt's optometry office. The boxes for glasses and contacts are the perfect size!

This is my packing station where I have my labels and reusable boxes. 
Sometimes they topple but it just adds to the fun~

This is my desk where I have pictures to inspire my creations. The original painting in the purple frame is an artist in Siena, Italy - named Daniela Pedretti. She was selling her wonderful original works and I bought one when while visiting there with my Dad.

For my tags, I print on sample papers that I had for past graphic design 
projects, so I am not cutting down extra trees. 

The ribbons I use to fasten my tags are all scraps and also pieces that I found in my Mom's crafts that she never got to use.

The label stickers I use to cover old logos on boxes are from my husband's job at the pharmacy - they are the ones that may ruffle an edge or the ones at the end of the roll that don't fit into the pharmacy labeling machines.

After packaging, I put the packages in one of my reusable enviro bags and I walk (to save gas and pollution) to the Downtown Los Angeles post office. Here are some of the things I see on my 20 minute walk from the Arts District to the post office. 

the back of MOCA museum and the subway...

my shadow...

downtown's version of st. mark's square in venice, italy.

broken glass that sparkles like diamonds in the early morning sun... I have taken pieces home to use for a later art piece.

birds in a row....

Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.

My post office - a cool art deco building....

Then I walk back to my studio and go drink more coffee! Thank you for visiting my blog! :o)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Recent Press

I feel honored to have one of my purses featured in Auxiliary magazine (black purse in the first spread below). Auxilary is an amazing goth magazine with fabulous hair/make-up/fashion/photography. 


Check out the whole issue here:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have some new photos of my feather hair accessories on

Pink Feather Headband With Swarovski Crystal

 Hot Pink Bow Headband With Swarovski Crystal Embellishment

 Peacock Feather Headband with Red Jewel & Turquoise Feathers

 Red Feather Headband with Black Rose Flower

Pink Feather Headband With Swarovski Crystal

Brown Feather Headband With Gold Vintage Embellishment

 Purple Feather Headband with Black Feathers and Vintage Button Embellishment

Peacock Feather Headband with Blue Jewel and Turquoise feathers

 Purple Feather Headband with Swarovski Crystal Embellishment and Black Feathers

 Purple Feather Headband With Swarovski Crystal Flower

Red Feather Headband with Swarovski Crystal Moon

Purple Feather Headband with Swarovski Crystal Dice Embellishment

Red Feather Headband With Swarovski Crystal

 Red Feather Headband with Black Rose Flower

Pink Feather Headband With Black Velvet Leaves And Dark Swarovski Crystal Embellishment

Netting Feather Hair Clip with Swarovski Crystal, Black Netting, and Goose Biot Feathers

Black Cream Bridal Hair Clip with Feathers and Swarovski Crystals

White Wedding Feather Barrette Hair Clip with Irridescent Multi-Colored Crystal Stone and WhiteNetting

Pink Peacock Feather Headband And Swarovski Crystal Peacock Gold Embellishment

Green Feather Headband Butterfly With Swarovski Crystals Turquoise Blue Green

Blue Feather Headband with Black Feathers and Button

Flower Headband With Black Rose Flower

Purple Feather Headband with Swarovski Crystal

Pheasant Feather Headband with Peacock Wisps and Green and Gold Vintage Button

Black Peacock Feather Headband With Gothic Swarovski Crystal Peacock Embellishment

Black Feather Headband with green swarovski crystals

Red Bow Headband Inspired by Gossip Girl, Maroon Chiffon

Feather Wedding Barrette with White Feathers and Rectangle Cluster of Swarovski Crystals

Black Rhinestone Barrette with Black Tulle and Silver Swarovski Crystal

White Wedding Hair Accessory Oversized with Feathers and Swarovski Crystals