Friday, February 22, 2013

Migration Mixed Media Art Pieces for Bagavagabonds Art Show

The theme of the Bagavagabonds show this time was MIGRATION. I decided to juxtapose two different styles of migration for my series of 6 mixed media pieces. I took photos that I took from a couple cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Brussels) showing different forms of transportation - elevators, airports, a bike rack, a subway. a ferris wheel, and a freeway - and printed them in grayscale on acetate paper. I positioned these with original pages from a vintage book on evolution I found at my favorite bookstore (my blog on this bookstore here). I wanted to show the immediate literal migration of people versus longterm migration of the theory of evolution. Here some photos of my process and the final product (All my pieces sold out for a great cause!) You can see photos of the art show reception here.


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